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Folded Newspapers

Publisher Experience

The Problem

A large pharmaceutical company needed a new portal where publishers can manage and publish news articles, events, and organizational announcements across the company and its various sub-entities. 

The Solution

A reimagined publishing experience with ready-made templates, effortless image editing, and thumbnail editing to enable a faster publishing workflow and the ability to proof read and share across publishers. 

My Role

I served as UX lead mentoring three junior designers. I was responsible for defining and executing user research, as well as creating and overseeing the wireframing and visual designs.


To understand the wants and needs of the publishers, we ran a series of semi-structured interviews to understand their current pain points with the existing publishing experience and identify the ideal process and features for an improved publishing experience.


Wants and pain points from publishers 


Distilled wants and needs into three primary functions.


Leveraged user interviews and primary functions into a preliminary site map for the publisher experience


Based on what we learned from research & subsequent conversations with stakeholders, we took to the whiteboard and paper prototypes to start sketching out some initial ideas. 

MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png
MicrosoftTeams-image (2).png

Once we better understood the workflow and the requirements, we then created the wireframes, increasing in fidelity after iterative reviews and feedback. 

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